Which Hormone is Responsible for Hair Loss in Male

Nowadays, baldness or hair loss has become a common thing in men. Boys under the age of 25 are also becoming victims of baldness these days.

People do different treatments for baldness and use different types of shampoos and oils but hair loss does not stop.

Baldness in men is due to a hormone released from the body of men and in 70% of men, baldness is due to this hormone.


What Hormone Causes Hair Loss in Males

DHT is responsible for baldness in more than 70% men. 

Baldness occurs in men only because of a hormone called Dihydro testosterone.

DHT is an androgen hormone and it binds to the androgen receptor found in the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to shrink and become weak.


What hormone increases hair loss

Hair has a life cycle in which it grows, remains stable, and then falls out, but due to the DHT hormone, the stable cycle of hair ends very quickly and they become weak and falls out.

The skin in front of our head is very sensitive to DHT hormone, so whenever DHT hormone starts increasing for some reason, the first effect is on the hair of the head.
Baldness caused by the DHT hormone is called Androgenic Alopecia. It is also genetic.
DHT hormone is made from a hormone called testosterone that develops the masculinity of men.
Due to this hormone, the beard grows in boys, the voice becomes heavy, muscles develop and other masculine qualities develop.


How to Block the DHT Hormone

In most cases, DHT hormone blocker medicines are given in the treatment of baldness.
These medicines block the DHT hormone, due to which hair fall stops, but before starting any treatment, the DHT hormone must be tested.

If the level of DHT is high then only DHT hormone blocker medicines should be taken.
DHT hormone blocker medicines are Minoxidil, Finasteride, Dutasteride, Antiandrogens.
Apart from this, such foods which are full of Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin-C, and Vitamin-D also control the DHT hormone and prevent hair fall.

Like tomatoes, almonds, watermelon, mangoes, carrots, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, eggs, spinach, leafy vegetables, juicy fruits, fish, etc.


Other Causes of Baldness

Thyroid hormone is also the cause of baldness in about 10% of men.
If your hair is falling out or your hair is thin, then do get your thyroid hormone checked once.

Baldness caused by thyroid tends to get better after thyroid treatment but it takes months.

Apart from DHT and thyroid, not eating nutritious food is also the reason for hair loss.

So if your DHT and thyroid are normal then pay attention to your food.

There are also some other reasons that lead to baldness such as taking more stress, due to side effects of some medicines, and using chemical-rich shampoos or colors on the hair.
If you use such products, stop using them.


What Causes High DHT in Males

Male development and sexual function are strongly influenced by the hormone DHT (dihydro testosterone). 

Some factors, may contribute to increased DHT levels in men.

Genetics : Some men may have a genetic predisposition to produce more DHT than others. 

Age : After age 50, men’s DHT levels may increase as they age.

Medicine: Some medications, such as anabolic steroids, can increase DHT levels. 

Health Status: DHT levels can be elevated due to a number of medical conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and prostate cancer.

A poor diet can increase DHT levels if it is high in fat and low in fiber. 

Chronic Stress: DHT levels can be increased due to chronic stress.

Hormone Imbalance:  Higher DHT levels can be the result of an imbalance of other hormones such as estrogen or testosterone. 

It’s important to remember that DHT can have negative effects on your health, including an increased risk of prostate cancer and hair loss.

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