What are the HPV Symptoms in Men and Women

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HPV Symptoms in Men and Women - The full form of HPV infection is Human Papilloma Virus and it is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). 

This is a very common disease and many people are infected by it but they do not have its symptoms. 

Sometimes this infection itself cures by our immunity and sometimes this infection causes cervical cancer, throat cancer, neck cancer, penis cancer, or anal cancer.

50 million people around the world are infected with HPV, most of them are teenagers.

There are 100 types of HPV viruses and many of them are not very dangerous. These viruses are found in our skin, vagina, penis, anus, cervix, and vulva and are easily transferred from one person to another while having sex.

16 and 18 strains of the HPV virus cause cervical cancer. Apart from this, strains number 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 are also very dangerous.

Symptoms of HPV infection start appearing within weeks or months after sex. In most cases, HPV infection gets cured on its own or you can get it treated by consulting it to the doctor. 

If its symptoms are more serious, then the doctor gets you further examined and start treatment.

HPV Symptoms in Men

In men HPV symptoms start appearing after 6 weeks of infection. In most of the cases men don't have symptoms of HPV infection and it generally cures by its own. In few cases warts start appearing and can cause cancers. 

1) Warts

2) Unusual growth

3) Lumps

4) Sores

These symptoms may appear on penis, scrotum, anus, mouth, or throat. 

HPV can cause cancers in Penis, Anal, Oropharyngeal cancer, cancer in the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils. There is currently no approved test for HPV in men.

HPV Symptoms in Women

80% of women all over the world are infected with HPV virus in their life and this infection gets cured on its own without showing any symptoms. 

Some women develop genital warts in the vagina, anus, cervix or vulva. In some other serious cases, it turns into cervical cancer, anal cancer, throat cancer.

Women are tested for HPV infection and with the help of HPV DNA test, we can detect it.

1) Genital Warts

2)  Common Warts

3) Plantar Warts

4) Flat Warts

5) Lumps

6) Sores

7) Unusual Growth

The easiest way to prevent HPV infection is to use a condom while having sex with a stranger. 

Apart from this, you can also get HPV infection from the toilet seat, swimming pool, or infected person's blood. Women should get vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer.



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